Sunday Jul 12, 2020



The long term goals of implementation of ICZM in Iran are as follows:

1. Establishment of sustainable social and economical development in the coastal areas via suitable exploitation of the coastal capacities and resources

2. Using the sea as the main gates for connecting and interacting with other countries towards obtaining multi-directional development and extending the country’s economical outreach

3. Protection of the environment in the coastal areas

4. Protecting the right of the public for using the beaches as a common national wealth

5. Making optimal use of the coastal regions and their resources and reducing the level of competition among the stake-holders and resolving the conflicts in the use of natural resources

6. Organizing the human habitats and installations in the coastal areas and providing the required safety for them against natural and man-made hazards

The accepted strategies for achieving the above-mentioned goals are mentioned below:

1. Encouraging the economical activities in the coastal areas that are consistent with environmental capacities

2. Providing the consistency and transparency in the laws and regulations pertaining to the activities of governmental and private sectors in the coastal areas

3. Prohibiting occupation and illegal use of the coastal areas located inside the set-back line and beaches and providing the public access to these areas

4. Providing the prerequisites for public participation in the process of organizing the coastal areas

5. Protection and rehabilitation of marine and terrestrial habitats in the coastal zone

6. Preventing the damage and pollution of the natural environment in the coastal areas

7. Increasing the level of resiliency of the coastal zone to encounter the natural hazards and unprecedented accidents

8. Making the required laws for suitable exploitation methods, activities, and installations in the coastal areas along with preparation of the required legal background

9. Providing the safety and security for communities and activities founded in the coastal areas

10. Establishment of special legal and financial structures for coastal areas for supervising the development activities

11. Promoting Iran’s effective role in the process of regional and international cooperations based on the country’s national interests

12. Public education regarding the suitable and wise use of the sea and coastal areas

13. Establishment of a unified and integrated geographical information system in the coastal provinces

14. Continuous monitoring and evaluation of the activities and proceedings in the coastal areas