Friday Jul 30, 2021

Management Structure & Organization Chart

Needless to say, ICZM responsibilities can be best realized if the management structure of this organization manages to control and oversee different sectors' activities not to be harmful for the coastal areas neither in land nor sea. Of course this organ is in charge of preserving, maintaining and strengthening the coastal strip. Other countries’ experiences have shown that in order to make ICZM succeed, all levels of the government management from top to bottom should actively be involved . Therefore the combined study results for the ICZM structures can be summarized as:
- Proposal for the coastal management at regional (provincial), local and national levels for better coordination (or reduction of interventions) among sectoral organizations(transportation, mines and industry, agriculture) and governmental sectors (provinces, towns, municipalities, etc) in coastal areas :

- Proposing the establishment of research and supervisory institutes
- Preparation and proposal of articles of association for the new structure
- Proposing the responsibilities of the new structure at local, regional and national levels including control and supervision
- Setting a time-table for the implementation of important stages of ICZM (consent on its establishment, public awareness for ICZM, creation of management mechanisms, etc)
- Management tools: zoning maps, environmental impact assessments, issuance of construction permits, supervision and control, etc.