Sunday Jul 12, 2020

Environmental Management Plan

The environmental management is an essential part of an ICZM plan so that a document should be prepared describing the present environmental management in Iran related to ICZM with proposals for improvements and strengthening in relation to the implementation of the ICZM plans.

The purpose is to identify environmental issues and analyses the effectiveness of existing mechanism, processes and procedures currently used in environmental management in Iran. Environmental Management Tools that may be adapted for management should be highlighted and reference made to existing environmental framework that is relevant to the ICZM project. Recommendations and Action Strategies based on identified limitations in the present system should be proposed, which will ensure a more effective management and conservation of the coastal environment in Iran in a sustainable manner.

The overall objectives of an Environmental Management Plan are to :

• Ensure that natural resources and environmental management principles are fully integrated in the coastal zone development through the management structures developed at the national, provincial, district and community levels.

The relevant study components in the baseline study and the synthesis should give the background for writing the EMP. The EMP should summarize the effectiveness of the present environmental management in relation to ICZM 

• The environmental management tools used in environmental management such as environmental impact assessment (EIA) and environmental licenses.
• The procedures used in environmental monitoring and auditing.
• The current institutional framework and capacity within environmental management in the coastal zone and the interaction with other organizations operating within ICZM
• How environmental management is integrated in land-use planning and natural resource planning.

Based on this assessment ,recommendations, should be proposed, to integrate environmental management in different sectoral activities in the coastal zone such as land-use planning and natural resource utilization. In addition, recommendations should be given to suitable changes in the institutional framework and institutional capacity building.