Sunday Jul 12, 2020

Land Use Plan

The landuse planning of the coastal zone is accomplished aiming at the provision of an executive basis for coastal zone management and a desired zoning of activities consistent with the coastal system. This plan follows the consistency of existing and future development plans while focusing on the protection of natural- environmental heritage and balancing benefits gained from development and protection of coasts. The studied area in the Caspian Sea is located 10 Km landward from the sea and extends 10 nautical miles seaward. In the southern Iranian waters, the area is defined according to the borders of the territorial waters.
The land use planning consists of eight topical studies:
1- Population, human and space
2- Service and residential network
3- Substructures, industry, mine and space
4- Water resources
5- Soil and agriculture
6- Fishery
7- Environment
8- Tourism

Integration of topical studies is accomplished at the end of the studies in the scope of strategic objectives.

• Identification of existing landuse in the coastal zone
• Classification of activities and functions related to the coastal zone
• Production of approved programs and master plans of organizations related to coasts
• Definition of regulations and criteria governing the landuse of the coastal zones
• Description of the existing situation of the coasts according to the topical studies
• Presenting a pattern for definition of the coastal landuse consistent with the environmental potentials
• Suggesting a desired landuse consistent with the environmental potentials in the coastal zones