Sunday Jul 12, 2020


MSP focuses on the human uses of marine spaces and places. MSP provides guidance for a wide range of decision-makers, each responsible for a particular sector or a marine-related activity, which aims to make a comprehensive, integrated, and complementary decision.

The most important objective of MSP is maximizing the synergy among different activities, and eliminating or diminishing the conflicts among human exploitations and the nature.  These objectives can be achieved through preparation of a zoning map along with a permit-issuing procedure for allocating suitable sea areas to different marine- activities.  In other words, Marine Spatial Planning follows the same goals of Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) in the coastal and territorial waters.

MSP is one of the planning and management techniques which not only stabilizes Iran's governance and promote national security, but also provides necessities for marine-based development in the coastal zone.