Sunday Jul 12, 2020

Third Step

After the required information layers are prepared and conformed to each other, the final integrated maps can be developed. The final integrated map is developed under the name of land-use zoning based on ecological potential. 
In addition to the final integrated map, another map is developed at the final stage. This map, which is prepared by the integration of two layers of passed plans, and soil and agriculture is a guiding map for the integrated coastal zone management and local managers in decision-making. So, besides the map of land capability, which has been developed based on ecological potential notwithstanding the ratified plans, the map of ratified plans and agricultural lands is provided in order to make an all-out study possible for managers and decision makers.
We hope that ICZM will help solve different coastal zone problems and lead to consistency of governmental and non-governmental organizations as well as permanent application of economic and environmental potentials in Iranian Coasts.