Friday Jul 30, 2021

Study on Regulations and Legal Issues

Execution of the ICZM's achievements is impossible if the legal commitments and bankrolls are ignored. Therefore, investigation of the legal issues of the plan is a significant section of the studies. The research follows the submission of a legal bill to systemize the coastal land use and human activities in the coastal zones according to the existing legal background. In this regard, firstly the Iranian official structure in the coastal zone problems, duties and authorities. Their strong and weak points will be analyzed  through gathering all regulations related to the coastal zones. The regulations and laws of glance to the application of global experience  mentioned in the necessities and requirements in preparation of the ICZM regulation are issues which have been taken into account.

The objective of this research is preparation and introduction of the existing regulations in ICZM issues, identification of strong and weak points and suggestion of a proper legal instruction to overcome previous and present problems.
The main achievement of this study is preparation and submission of the ICZM bill.