Sunday Jul 12, 2020

Methodology for Integrated Coastal Zone Management

Preparation of comprehensive management plans for optimum utilization of existent sources and potentials in all developed and developing countries is one of the appropriate approaches for constant and permanent utilization of natural, human and financial sources. The versatility of natural sources in coastal areas has made private and governmental users and investors to participate in this section to gain the utmost profits. Therefore, the necessity of preparation and implementation of management plans for perpetual utilization of existent sources in coastal areas has become inevitable.
Iran, possessing 5800 Km coast line in north and south, owns abundant economic capacities in coastal zones and regarding the versatility of nature and coast operators and management of coastal activities and operations, necessity of attention to Integrated Coastal Zone Management becomes more significant. Such necessity has gained its legal support through ratification of arrangements no. 40 from transportation chapter of third and article no. 63 of fourth economic, social and cultural economic schedule and its executive regulations.
The General Director of coasts and ports engineering of Ports and Maritime Organization was detailed to take the studies of ICZM into consideration. The first phase of these studies began in spring 2003 and was fulfilled in autumn 2006. The outcome of this phase was compilation of following reports accomplished by several national and international skilled consultants:
1- Project Methodology
2- Scrutinized scope of services related to studies
3- Investigation of studies' needs and project preparation and performance 
4- Study, definition and determination of Iranian coastal zones boundaries
6- Investigation of International concepts, methods and experiences about Integrated Coastal Zone Management
7- Study and investigation of different features of Integrated Coastal Zone Management in Iran
8- Preparation and designation of geographic database
9- Purchasing and preparing basic data
The second phase of studies started up in autumn 2005 and since then two parts of this phase including investigation of political and security situation and legal studies have been accomplished. According to performed programs, it is predicted that the remained parts will be accomplished and presented until March 2009. In this phase, six competent Iranian consultants with some cooperation of International consultants are responsible for preparing the eleven results of second part of studies.

Achievements of ICZM
- Introduction and analysis of coasts situations
- Determination of coastal zones boundaries
- Investigation of security and political issues of Iranian coasts
- Shoreline management plan
- Environmental plan of ICZM
- ICZM executive structure
- Public participation in ICZM
- Implementation and management of GIS database
- Preparation of monitoring and evaluation plan in ICZM