Sunday Jul 12, 2020

Scope of services

1- General

1-1- Necessities and Approaches

1-2- Methodology

1-3- Proposing a preliminary framework for the supervisory committee for evaluation and ratification of the Hormozgan ICZM plan (with collaboration of the client)

1-4- Identifying the preliminaries for the study, preparation, and implementation of the ICZM plan in the coastal areas of Hormozgan province

1-5- Preliminary identification of the existing problems in Hormozgan province and classification of the problems for prioritization of the required actions

1-6- Hormozgan ICZM goals and operational objectives

1-7- Study of the concepts, definitions, methods, purposes, and global experiences regarding Integrated Coastal Zone Management


2- Study of the existing situation (Guide)

2-1- Scrutinizing of the study area

2-2- Identification, collection, and evaluation of the data, information, and upstream and downstream official documents


3- Basic and Supportive Studies

3-1- Identification and evaluation of the natural resources and the built in environment

3-2- Identification of the natural menaces (existing and potential risks) in the coastal zone

3-3- Identification and evaluation of the administrative structure of the province

3-4- Identification of the existing potentials and limitations  of the ecological resources in the study area

3-5- Study of the security, defense, and passive defense issues in the coastal area

3-6- Preparation and/or improvement of the Geographical Information System (GIS) and database

3-7- Monitoring and simulation of the Hormozgan coastal water regime for Shoreline Management Plan (SMP) and other plans of the ICZM

3-8- Identification of the Opportunities and Threats outside the study area


4- Study outcomes/achievements

4-1- Preparation of the management strategies in the coastal zone

4-2- Preparation of the coordinated management plans in the coastal zone

4-3- Codification of the instructions  and management regulations with respect to the provided action plans

4-4- Preparation of the Decision Support System (DSS)  in the coastal zone


5- Education  and complementary Services 

5-1- Making a 15-minute informative film regarding ICZM goals and ICZM plans for people residing in the Hormozgan province

5-2- Making a  3-minute and a 1-minute film to be broadcasted on the news  of the provincial TV network

5-3- Making a 45-minute educational and vocational film for a  public education regarding ICZM

5-4- Providing scientific papers regarding ICZM in Hormozgan province

5-5- Writing reference books regarding ICZM in Hormozgan province

5-6- Presenting educational courses regarding ICZM