Sunday Jul 12, 2020

Monitoring & Evaluation Plan

Integrated coastal zone management is a dynamic and continuous process which starts with programming and ends with programming by evaluation. It is obvious that without monitoring and evaluation, continuing this process will be an endless task. Monitoring acts as a shield in the coastal zone management process and aims at producing data for decision making and analysis of the ICZM effects  on the environment and on the plan.

The main goal of preparing Monitoring and evaluation plan of ICZM's executive program is assisting realization of the predicted goals. Other objectives are as follows:
• Providing monitoring and evaluation methods
• Preparing functioning criteria and indices and executive consequences
• Defining the evaluation and monitoring criteria of environmental, economical and social effects.
• Preparing basics of evaluation and monitoring principles
• Preparing the data collecting program of the coastal zone which is utilized in monitoring and evaluation plan

• Recognition of tools and methods of data collection
• Presenting the basics and principles of monitoring and evaluation
• Definition of monitoring criteria and results evaluation methods
• Preparing the necessary patterns and monitoring and evaluation instructions.