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Starting the Studies of Marine Spatial Planning For Hormozgan Province (Nov. 2017)

Starting the Studies of Marine Spatial Planning For Hormozgan Province (Nov. 2017)

  Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) for the first time in Iran and in Hormozgan Province will be started at late November, however, it will consider the strategies of the country in the Persian Gulf and Oman Sea as a whole.  This Plan will be in full coordination with the outcomes of Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM) of Iran which has been ratified by the authorities before and also with the outcomes of the project of scrutinization of ICZM plan for Hormozgan.  Hamid Khalili, head of coastal management office, said that Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) focuses on the sea territories of the Hormozgan province and beyond in the Iranian waters, up to the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and provides a national deed. It can be used as a guide for all decision-makers at various state-owned and/or private stakeholders that share the space and opportunities of the Persian Gulf. The main goals of MSP is coordination among different uses at the sea, reducing the conflicts among the stakeholders, enhancing the efficiencies of marine activities, and harmonizing the human exploitations with the sensitive environment of the sea. It is expected that MSP studies will provide a zonation map as well as a set of regulations and procedures that facilitates the process of issuing permit for different sea uses and marine activities.

Khalili is emphasized that Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) is an inter-sectoral plan and does not interfere with the duties and missions of other sectors, yet it provides the required mechanisms and tools for integration and coordination of missions and activities of various governmental and non-governmental bodies and tries to identify and establish the rights of all stakeholders in the sea in a balanced manner. 

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